Rancho Cucamonga Dentists state that when toddlers grow older, they experience a few advancements that will keep their parents busy.

It is not surprising that parents often forget to prevent toddler tooth decay. As soon as your toddler’s first tooth surfaces, you can begin to notice signs of tooth decay. This is usually around six months old.

How to proceed about daily tooth care

Rancho Cucamonga Dentists state that just because your toddler has less teeth than you do, doesn’t mean they need to be cared for. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is important that you start brushing your baby’s teeth twice daily as soon as their first tooth appears.

You can begin to brush your baby’s teeth with a little fluoride toothpaste after they or he turns 2. You can also floss as soon as they have two teeth that are in contact with each other.

Regular Dental Visits

Rancho Cucamonga Dentists recommend that you schedule regular appointments every six to twelve months, unless your local dentist advises otherwise.

It is crucial to take your child to the dentist as soon as possible. They can assess your child’s dental health, look for signs of decay, and discuss any habits such as thumb sucking or pacifier use that may be affecting your child’s oral health.

Great eating and drinking habits

It may seem tempting to give your toddler a glass of milk or juice to help them fall asleep at night, but this can lead to tooth decay. Avoid letting your child drink from a cup or a jar to reduce tooth decay.

Start filling your pet’s water bottle with water if he is already used to it.

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