Rancho Cucamonga Dentists say, for people with sensitive teeth, you can’t even take a bite of your favorite candy or drink because of the pain.

Different Reactions

Rancho Cucamonga Dentists say, vulnerable teeth is what’s known as sensitive teeth from the dentistry world. Having cavities and fractured teeth is demonstrated to cause allergic reactions. If you have ruled out these particular problems, then you might have a worn tooth from having weak enamel.

Even a cracked tooth or an uncovered root tooth could be the reasons why you have sensitive teeth.


Rancho Cucamonga Dentists say, dentin is microscopic tubules, simply put, they’re little hollow tubes or canals. When the dentin no longer has its protective covering, the tubules are effected by heat and cold or acidic or sticky foods. Without a dentin in place, this exhilarates the nerves and cells within the tooth. This generally causes hyper sensitivity and even tenderness.

Fortunately, the irritation doesn’t cause long term damage. Dentin may be vulnerable once teeth recede. The result can be hypersensitivity around the gum.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is the origin to stopping gums from receding and causing sensitive teeth. If you brush your teeth the incorrect way and sometimes maybe over-brush, gum problems also occur. Make certain to get on a daily oral hygiene program. Oily teeth is something that can be treated today.

Often times dentists advocate desensitizing toothpaste, this has chemicals which aid in preventing transmission of sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve. Desensitizing toothpaste only requires a handful of applications before your teeth get to sensitive.

Once you head to a dentist, they have in office processes that can help you. Normally they’ll have a fluoride gel that strengthens tooth enamel and helps reduce sensitivity.

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