Can food or drink decisions help a person have healthier gums?

Japanese researchers thoroughly researched a group of nearly 950 adults to figure out whether consuming dairy products with lactic acid like milk, yogurt and cheese, had a lower risk for gum disease.

Participants’ periodontal health was evaluated through two measurements — periodontal pocket depth and clinical attachment loss of gum tissue. Our Rancho Cucamonga Dentist say researchers discovered that participants who consumed 55 grams or more each day of yogurt or lactic acid drinks had significantly lower instance of periodontal disease.

In addition, they also found out that consuming milk or cheese was not as beneficial to periodontal health.

To conclude, our Rancho Cucamonga Dentist say researchers theorize that the probiotic effect of Lactobacillus bacteria could be related to healthier gums. Another Japanese study displayed that adults who drank green tea may also lead to healthier gums, because its antioxidants have anti — inflammatory properties.

Moreover, our Rancho Cucamonga Dentist say tea enthusiasts can also brew a cup of black tea (minus the sugar, lemon or milk) to assist with squelch or suppress growth of cavity causing bacteria and acids in the mouth, according to U.S. researchers.

Research has also shown a link between low intake of dietary vitamin C and gum disease, so noshing on fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C — citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and many other fruits and vegetables — can help you have a healthier diet and healthier gums.

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